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Dream Catchers, Wild Boar & Curd

You don't realize what you've got til it's gone.  Our last dinner in Texas with all four of us.  Ian and Maddy head back East this week.  Ian will return for another class in June; Maddy won't be back to Texas at least to visit us here.  She got on a dreamcatcher-making kick this trip.  The frames for these are made from rosemary branches of which we have in abundance. 

We had one last hike up Enchanted Rock earlier this morning, and a lunch of salami and cheese in the car on the way home.  Everyone was ready for a "real" dinner.  We cobbled together a salad with some arugula supplemented with Maddy's leftover salad from Whole Foods.  Maddy turned me onto this salad dressing from Bijouxs--a beautifully photographed food blog.  This lemon miso dressing is a game changer.  I will be applying to everything this summer.

David Chang's recipe for brussel sprouts with fish sauce vinaigrette is another bit of lightning in a jar.  I will never cook brussel sprouts another way.  Slice in half, put in oiled oven-proof skillet cut side down and cook x 5 min or until beginning to brown, finish in a 400F oven for ~15 minutes.  Toss with dressing of your choice or salt/pepper/splash of oil. 

We had wild boar from the farmer's market.  Grilled with leftover ssam sauce as a marinade/glaze.  Probably will see fewer feral hogs in DC Metroplex so plan to make this again before we leave Texas.

The grand finale: Lime Curd Tart with Greek yogurt and blueberries.  It was my idea to put the lime curd we made in a graham crust (baked blind for 15 minutes and cooled overnight).  It was Maddy's to top with yogurt.  The blueberries made it summery.  We finished the entire tart.  Seems there are wild pigs of the human variety in Texas too.