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Eating for One

One of my healthier meals...

Sophie got back from camp yesterday, and this blog post is my attempt to prove that I didn't have beer and crackers for every meal.  The only thing that sucks more that being a geographically single mother is being a single mother without your kid. 

A list of things that happened while I had too much time on my hands that I will admit to (by no means all-inclusive):

  1. I let a dead centipede sit on the floor of Sophie's room for a week because I thought it was one of her toys.
  2. I listened to Carly Rae Jepsen's hit, "Call Me Maybe" and enjoyed it.
  3. I ate almost an entire batch of macaroons by myself.
  4. I bought Sophie a box of Tastykakes (the koffee kakes)

One of things that was time-consuming and totally worth it was using this recipe from David Lebovitz to make some terrific carnitas (roast pork for all you non-Texans).  I omitted the bay leaf only because I didn't have any and added a teaspoon of epazote instead.  I took a portion of the finished product, added a cup of roasted green chiles, one quart of chicken stock and a large can of hominy.  Presto, posole!

Top with crumbled queso fresco, cilantro and sliced avocado.  It was a big batch that I shared with my coworkers leaving me with a single serving for dinner that night.  There were also sliced radishes until Ashley ate them all.

The plate in the first picture is sauteed arugula and radish greens with garlic topped with a fried egg and some toasted breadcrumbs.  The only other meal I had this week that rated a picture.

Sophie is home now despite missing her original flight and American Airlines' spectacularly shitty customer service.  It's funny how having to wait an additional hour to see her brought me to tears.  In the <24 hours since she has been home I drove to three different Game Stops so she could get the latest Pokemon game and bought her acai poptarts at Whole Foods.  I am a sucker.

Ian moved into the new house yesterday.  Just in time for a record breaking summer storm that knocked out power to the neighborhood for possibly a week.  Maddy helped Ian with the move and dropped him off at the scooter store so he could pick up the Piaggio BV350.  Which he was lucky to find gas for--with the power outage some waited >3 hours for gas.

T minus one month until we are all together again.  It can't come soon enough.

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