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Let's Be Friends

Negronis make you friendly.

When was the last time you saw one of these?  No, not the Negroni, the bracelet.  Sophie returned from her week at YMCA camp sporting a couple of new friendship bracelets.  In case you have forgotten how to make them, there is a great tutorial at Purlbee here.  Having sent all my embroidery thread off with Maddy, I resorted to some variegated perle cotton thread I had been hoarding since Korea.  Making these simple bracelets reminded me of simpler times.  We used to wear them until they disintegrated.  Sophie has jumped onto the friendship bandwagon with both feet, crafting them for her friends here in Texas, Maddy and me.  After bidding a tearful goodbye to her pals, she is now hanging out with Maddy and Makoa in Charlottesville--playing way too much Wii, eating forbidden grocery store cookies, and hopefully not missing Texas too much.

In case you forgot how to make a Negroni--it's equal parts gin/Campari/sweet vermouth.  I add a generous orange peel twist.  Serve them to your friends, they may hate you in the morning if you allow them to have more than two.

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