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House of Sadness

Sad Pom Diggity

Sad Kitchen

Sad Ian.

Packing, loading, cleaning.  Hoping for good weather for the trip, and living large at the La Quinta Inn.  Free breakfast with Texas-shaped waffles.  We brought our own syrup.  Elitist? Nope, just finishing up the last of our food.  Dinner has been Goomba's pizza and Kubo Ko, the kitchen is officially closed.  On the plus side, we have reduced the number of bottles of wine we need to cart across country by two.

Pom Diggity has handled the changes remarkably well.  He did cry like a little girl when he got his microchip, and the 3:00 a.m. wakeup whining is getting old.  Makoa is living the life in Charlottesville, and just like your average college student has experienced the joys of binge drinking (milk from an unattended cereal bowl) and the subsequent purge--"vomited 6, no 7 times" per a text from Maddy.  Sophie made crack pie (TM) for the house, almost without help if you discount the texts re: "what is corn powder, how do you measure 1.5 eggs, and did you double the crust recipe?"

Stay tuned for some subpar photography and brief posts from the road.  Ian has agreed to drive the whole way because I hate to pull the trailer so I will be taking pics with iPhone.

Aloha Texas.  Will be sad to see you in the rearview mirror.

Bethesda Bound

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