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Deep Thoughts

 You are a weirdo if you don't like tacos.

My brain hurts.  Between the new crop of interns starting this week, and all the to-do lists swirling around in my head for the move, I feel like escaping.  After a relatively restless night, awakening at 7 a.m. and getting on the bike can be painful, but half a mile into the ride my mind opens up.  I do some of my best thinking on two wheels.

Hey lady, where are the carrots?

Stream of consciousness from the bike ride:

How do  spiders build webs? I feel like they should be smarter based on this ability.

Burros have fairly good short and long term memory.

If animals just stayed on one side of the road there would be less road kill.

Why did some redneck dump a couch in the middle of the sketchiest descent on my ride?

It is hard to chew and breathe at the same time on uphills.

When I meet more bikers coming from the opposite direction I feel like I am going the wrong way.

It's much hotter when you're sitting still.  Thanks train.

I didn't come up with a cure for cancer or the solution for the European debt crisis this ride.  I did strategize for the remainder of the week's meals.  More tacos, maybe some peach ice cream.  I thought about how grateful I am to have electricity as Ian begins his 4th day without power.  I barely touched the brakes on Krueger Canyon, and as I sailed down the descent (barely avoiding the couch) my mind cleared.  It was epic.

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