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Ninja Kitty Kicked My Butt

The T-shirt of Doom

Don't be fooled by the seemingly simple design and the cuteness of the model.  The construction of this shirt was painful.  It started off easily enough: Maddy "dropped" a file into drop box that I was sure I could have printed onto iron-on transfer paper.  Except that nobody carries laser printer transfer paper in this town.  If the charming but procrastinating recipient had decided on the design earlier we could have ordered some on the interwebs.  After failing to find the paper at Hobby Lobby we decided to recreate the design with felt.  Here's where the train went way off the tracks....I bought fabric glue.  In the words of Gob:

Fabric glue is great for gumming up your hands and sewing implements, but not, as advertised, for gluing actual fabric together.  The cheap felt soaked it up like a sponge and defied its adhesive properties.  F-bombs flying I had to restart the design, resorting to a mixture of hot glue, thread and rage to complete the project.  I drew the letters on with a fabric marker--thankfully no false advertising here.

Good thing you are so kawaii Ninja Kitty!

When I wasn't sweating over the t-shirt, I was helping Sophie clean her room.  Since I carted a literal truckload of plastic reptiles and Pokemon toys to Goodwill, I will consider this a successful day. 

For dinner, we needed to use some chicken wings I had meant to grill on Thursday (pre-empted by a surprise 4 hours of overtime, thanks OB triage).  I baked them with some Soy Vey Island teriyaki. The thought of the grill running out of propane was too much to bear.  Soy Vey is a little thin but I broiled the last 5 minutes which thickened up the sauce on the pan nicely.  When you serve, just drag the chicken around the pan to coat.

Faux finished chicken

Until Sophie gets her braces off (in about a week!) we will continue to have corn off the cob.  This is four ears of corn tossed with 4 oz. of crumbled goat cheese, a splash of sherry wine vinegar, a handful of torn basil leaves, pepper.  Tomatoes are optional.  If you have a tomato hater in the family get small tomatoes and don't cut them for God's sake because they will leak their offending tomato guts into the salad and be harder to pick out.

Needs more peaches.

Dessert was some peach/ginger ice cream.  Sophie loved it.  I thought it was a little flavorless--I would add a vanilla bean and some ground ginger next time instead of just chopped crystallized ginger.  I used Jeni's base.  If anyone wants the recipe for some mediocre peach ice cream I will be happy to post it.  It may wind up in an adult milkshake with some rum later this week. 

T-minus 3 weeks til we move.  We still have a metric ton of Legos, but I am proud of Sophie for culling some of the plastic from her hoard.

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