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Claytor Lake

Why,yes, that is a dirty running sock I am using as a potholder. Camping is all about improvising and multi-use items. For the first time in the Lee family camping history I did not pack too much food. I am sure Sophie would have been disappointed by the lack of s'mores, but I am equally happy to not have a half eaten bag of marshmallows that I would have to throw away. Maybe the banana and Nutella sandwiches would have been a good enough replacement.
Claytor Lake was my favorite spot, and I hope we can come back. The weather was cool enough for a campfire (to a recent Texan that means <90 F). The park also has a fantastic swimming beach and some nice running trails. Ian and Sophie stopped for a break here during the cross-country trip of 2011. Ian has some great shots of this year's trip and will post in a future gallery.
Since we had to pull the trailer from Texas to Maryland it was a no-brainer to camp our way across. The only thing that would have made the trip better would have been having the girls with us. Like Ian said, "This is the stuff you will remember in the long run."
So the next time you are camping or just gathering as a family don't sweat the small stuff...it's not about the destination, it's about getting there. Relax, order a pizza instead of stressing over some grand gesture. Use a dirty sock for a pot holder.

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