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Let's Get This Pantry Started

Thanks, Eden Center!

Even if I hadn't been convinced by the claims that Milo, with its "Actigen-E, and combination of B vitamins and Magnesium helps release energy," I would have bought this Olympic-themed can of chocolate malt beverage mix.  Sophie's love affair with Milo began during our trip to Singapore where it definitely helped her release energy--likely related to the sugar content.  We still are on the hunt for the ever elusive Cheezel to no avail.

After a boondoggle where the GPS tried to direct us through Arlington National Cemetery we found the Ft. Myer commissary and subsequently, Eden Center.  I was able to restock some of my southeast Asian favorites, but the real reason we went to Eden Center was bubble tea and lunch in the form of a fried rice dish for Sophie and a bahn mi ($3.25!!!) for me.  It will forever be known as "the time you dropped my bubble tea" by Sophie.  Thankfully dropping a $3.00 bubble tea hurts less than dropping a $5.00 bubble tea.

We ate lunch in the car on the drive home, and the bahn mi was outstanding with a shatteringly crisp baguette that littered my skirt and the front seat with crumbs.  Sophie picked the shrimp out of her rice dish, but it was otherwise a success.  We shared dessert with Ian at home--sticky rice + banana + coconut.  For dinner that evening we hit happy hour at Newton's Table, discovering our new favorite place replete with a friendly barkeep and a new cocktail that was so excellent we went out and purchased a bottle of Hum the next day.  After we declined the very gracious offer of another customer to buy our next round, he bought Sophie dessert instead.  Our household goods arrive Friday, but it's already starting to feel like home.

Fish heads, fish heads

There's More Than One Way to Stuff a Mushroom