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Sweat, Salmon and Sake

Sashimi-grade salmon, $11.99/lb. at H-mart

I grilled this salmon, and a team of Ninjas did not storm my house for cooking it.  While I love a good plate of sashimi, I prefer to leave its preparation in the hands of a trained sushi chef.  I wanted a simple preparation anticipating correctly that the fish would shine on its own.  I brushed it with a little ssamjang and grilled gently for ~10 minutes total.  Sophie had a hot dog. 

The 1990's called and they want their goat cheese salad and grilled salmon back.

However, she did love the baked goat cheese.  Here is my retro recipe:

log of goat cheese

olive oil


slice log, dip slices in olive oil, then panko.  Refrigerate for ~15 minutes then bake at 400F for ~10 minutes.  I took the leftover olive oil from the cheese dipping, added lemon juice, salt and pepper and tossed with some thinly sliced fennel and apple.  I arranged (I mean composed) on top of some arugula.  Sophie said, "we always have arugula," but ate it anyway.

She had Pocari Sweat with her meal, and we had sake that we drank out of our cute tea cups that we never use for tea.  That's it, no deep thoughts today, just better pictures, compliments of Ian.

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