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Adult Dinner

Lots of things to celebrate this past week: I got a job offer, Sophie got invited to a friend's house for dinner, Maddy had an excellent GRE performance, and Ian got the iPhone 5.  We had a nice dinner out on Friday night at Nest and a much nicer dinner at home Saturday night.  Scallops and mushrooms got top billing as Soph was off having dinner with friend.  Maddy's love of cooking is a source of great pride and joy to me.  She is teaching a basic cooking course for a group of college kids, and even though somebody cut themselves the first class taking the knife of the packaging (!) the class went swimmingly.  She made the resultant 15 cups of chopped onions into onion jam. Over my objections she added gruyere and mascarpone to our mushroom risotto, and she was right--it was delicious.  

You can use the recipe from the box of Arborio rice--we sauteed the mushrooms until browned and the juices has mostly evaporated before we added the rice.  The scallops were seared for ~2 min per side and removed to a plate and kept warm while we added the grape tomatoes to the hot pan with a little vermouth and made the pan sauce.  Top with chopped chives.  One of Maddy's upcoming classes will focus on cooking techniques, and after the lamb tagine we had for dinner on Thursday night, she knew she wanted to demonstrate braising.  The lone vegetarian in her class will enjoy these braised scallions we test drove.  The normal people will have braised beef.

 I found David Lebovitz's "Ready for Dessert" at a local boutique and bought it because I saw he had a recipe for black & white cookies and lime marshmallow pie.  And because I didn't want to leave without buying something and the $22/4 cloth coasters were ridiculous.  At least with cookbooks you get what you pay for.  We made the chocolate crack cookies which, despite overbaking the first batch because I didn't realize they weren't supposed to spread, were fantastic and deeply chocolatey.  The fact that Ian and I had kayaked from Fletcher's Cove to the Glebe Rd. bridge and back made this dinner less guilt-inducing.  On the slate for the coming week: obedience class for the Pom Diggity, flu shots, Yom Kippur (celebrated by Sophie because she gets a day off school), black & white cookies, finally reading "Gone Girl" and a visit from my sister.  Oh yeah, and the month of October (!).

David Lebovitz's Black and White Cookies

Indian Lunch