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The owls are not what they seem.

Mmmmm, white chocolate!

With the recent Republican and Democratic National Conventions and all the Ru Paul's Drag Race going on up in here, it got me thinking about how things are not always what they seem.  Like the peaches I got at Whole Foods the other day, smelled great, just the right amount of softness, but dry and mealy inside.   Or the D.C. Board of Nursing--cumbersome bureaucratic entity that somehow managed to churn out my D.C. Advanced Practice Nursing license in less than two weeks.

White chocolate, pesto? Nope, it was shaved parmesan all along.

Things like that are enough to make me pull back from my baseline level of judginess.  I will admit to buying wine based solely on the cuteness of the label (Cupcake Chardonnay anyone?), and I am a bit of a pessimist when it comes to things like automated telephone appointment lines.  Those only seem to work when you are making your annual well woman visit--"You're in luck, Mrs. Lee, we have an appointment open tomorrow!"  I tend to dismiss Sophie's ideas out of hand, missing out on her often thoughtful insights and leaded her to lament, "I told you that but you never listen to me!"  I need to start looking at that glass like it's half full.


Like an aging drag queen, pesto becomes less photogenic with time.

I used pistachio nuts for this pesto because they marginally cheaper than pine nuts, and they were what I had at the time.  I spooned it over some spaghetti squash--spaghetti's trendier, less carby cousin, and while it didn't fool anybody, it was still delicious.

Humble Pie

September Mourn