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We tried to start the New Year off right but alas, Whole Paycheck (thanks Sunny) did not have a non-canned black-eyed pea to be found.  I hope our luck doesn't run out.  Since Sophie declined to color each bean with a black Sharpie our peas were eyeless. Nobody in the house has written a resolution (or thank you notes).  I did use up all the Christmas ham, and that felt virtuous.  I didn't have a doughnut at Dunkin doughnuts today either.  I delivered my first baby of 2013 on the 4th (girl, 7 lb 11 oz, thanks for asking).  I have been faithfully icing my left foot and even skipped the trail run today because I know I can't take things slow when running in a group.  Older and wiser, realizing maybe you don't need to write down a bunch of stuff and announce to the world that you are going to eat less, exercise more, stop drinking, start being fiscally responsible.  Maybe it's better to be incognito and live the change a day at a time.


Here is my interpretation of Lorna Sass's Beans With Sausage and Greens from her excellent cookbook, "Pressure Perfect."

1 lb. kale (I used Lacinto)

1 ham hock (or the bone from your Christmas ham)

6 cups water

1 lb. cannellini beans

1.5 cups chopped onion

4 cloves garlic, peeled but left whole

1 TBS olive oil (to control foaming in pressure cooker)


Trim greens of tough stems and chop coarsely.  Pour water in pressure cooker and add beans, onions, garlic and oil.  I added a tsp of salt as well.  Cook over high pressure for 30 minutes.  Allow pressure to come down naturally.  Open lid and stir in kale.  Simmer until kale is done.  Salt and pepper to taste.

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