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Shawl Progress


This shawl, ~2/3 complete, represents countless hours of "Dr. 90210."  If I am knitting I consider time watching trash well spent.  We are finally getting some sunshine here today, would be nice if we also had snow but the National Weather Service didn't deliver on that promise.  I'll admit to running on the treadmill today because I can't stand to run outside when it's windy.  I was doubly productive because I watched the pilot for "Homeland" during my 5.5 miles.  That is not trash, and totally worth duct taping the iPad to the treadmill.  Two episodes ought to get me through Sunday's long run no problem.  I am holding off running trails with the group until this heel pain is resolved.  Nothing worse that getting halfway into a long run and realizing you have to walk it back.  With the treadmill you can just step off.  Wouldn't it be nice if everything was like that.

I am making Star Anise Ice Cream with Candied Fennel Seeds from "Jeni's Splendid Ice Creams At Home."  I am on the love side of the love it or hate it relationship to licorice.  Hopefully the rest of the family is on board because I don't want to burn through the whole first season of Homeland too quickly.  We are going to Eden Center tonight to grocery shop/eat dinner.  I need a bunch of stuff if I am going to do "Burma" justice.  Sophie was easily bribed with the promise of bubble tea.  I am looking forward to making Kachin Pounded Beef  and Chinese Kale with Pork Cracklings this weekend, even if it means my eyes will be streaming as I chop shallots.

Ian isn't busy this weekend, so the picture quality will improve dramatically, especially if the sun can stay out for more than a &^%$# day.

Burma Shave

Post-call cooking