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Fried Bananas


My first call weekend. I am sitting here with my cell phone and pager by my side, chained to a 30 minute radius of the hospital.  There is no way I would risk making  fried bananas this weekend.  The thought of leaving Ian and Sophie home to tend to a pan full of hot oil is unsettling.  Have I told you about the time he poured hot bacon grease into an empty margarine tub?  The other bananas got much more golden, I am not sure why Ian chose this picture to demonstrate their deliciousness.  The recipe is here, and allegedly they are supposed to be a dessert, but they make a damn fine breakfast.  I was very excited to see that "Burma" is a contender in this year's food 52 Piglet tournament of cookbooks.  I have Momofuku Milk Bar and Plenty, both winners of said contest, and truly inspiring.

Speaking of Momofuku....we are headed to NYC for a couple of nights during Sophie's spring break.  She is worried that we won't have enough time to try all the restaurants.  We are planning on seeing a show--Book of Mormon? Spiderman? and MOMA, Chelsea Market, Central Park, Eataly and the Statue of Liberty are on the short list.  

We went out to Satsuma, a local Japanese restaurant, for ramen last night.  We all had tonkotsu ramen.  I gave it a 7/10 on the ramen scale, just behind Ren's (8/10).  Extra points for being less than 2 miles from the house and having decent sushi as well.  Nobody has come close to Hakata Bunko in Seoul (10/10)--it may be that ramen just tastes better if you have to wait in line for 30 minutes in sub-freezing temperatures.  It was Sophie's night out for another straight A report card.  I wish Maddy was with us too to celebrate her admission offer from UVA for a PhD in electrical engineering, but at least I sent her a Le Creuset dutch oven earlier this week.  The Dijon colourway is becoming obsolete--hence the 40% discount.  The day I bought it, it was 70F and that sunny yellow color really spoke to me.  Three days later it is 25F, and I will have to rely on the cheery new wreath that Sophie and I made last weekend for my spring fix.  When I was younger, I hated these wild swings in the weather.  I was always disappointed when the cold returned, feeling duped by Mother Nature.   The older I get, the quicker time slips by, and I am grateful for any bit of sunshine and warmth in my life.


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