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A Tale of Two Tuiles

It was cool and dry yesterday.  Perfect tuile making weather.  I used this recipe.  Many of my previous tuile attempts have been fraught with shattering tuiles, sticky messes and many tears shed.  I am not sure whether it was the silpat, the weather, or the recipe, but these couldn't have been easier.  You can really taste the orange juice, and when I am rich I will use yuzu juice instead.  The first batch baked up a little too light and weren't crispy enough.  The second batch was perfect and the last a little too dark.


The slightly overdone cookies were definitely the crispiest, and I will spread the batter thinner next time.  We ate them with some red bean ice cream I made earlier in the week.  Remember when we bought that 25# of sugar in May?  It's gone.  I bought another bag at Costco today after watching Sophie run her last XC meet of the season.  I am running the Army Ten Miler tomorrow, and I ran at least a mile today trying to cheer Sophie on at various points of the course.  I don't think this family could ever get on the Paleo or Whole 30 bandwagon.  I'll never have to know how much better I could feel without white sugar in my life. 

Crossfit is back with a vengeance.  This was my workout yesterday:

Dumbells to overhead (80 reps-10# dumbbell each hand)

Deadlifts (60 reps-77#) 

Box jumps (40 reps, 24" box) 

Sit ups (80 reps) 

Kettlebell swings (40 reps, 25# kettlebell) 

Pullups (20 reps with medium green band) 

Wallballs (60 reps with 10# ball) 

Makes it hard to figure out if the muscle aches are from my cold today.  Tonight we are eating dinner with old friends that are in town for the race.  I am bringing the apple cider cream pie I have blogged about previously.  Do not believe them about the amount of time it takes to boil down cider, it's a total underestimate.  Do this the day before and boil down some extra to use in cocktails.  I have a renewed hate for pie crust today.   I am hoping this resolves prior to Thanksgiving.  I want to make the Bourbon Maple Pumpkin pie from Bon Appetit, and the yogurt pie with grape and black pepper compote.  Only one requires a rolled crust.  Maybe I will make the grapefruit pie from Momofuku as well.  It's the very early stages of menu planning at this point.  What's on your menu?


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