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Cookies and Cream

I am test-driving macaron and ice cream recipes for a super secret project.  This is my second attempt for green tea macaron.  Yesterday's batch was dense and clunky.  I thought it was my cheap Trader Joe's almond meal.  Surely it wasn't the Italian method--cook sugar syrup to soft ball stage and whisk (carefully!) into the egg whites.  It was supposed to give you the most stable meringue, and I think it was too stiff.  I used this recipe from Brave Tart today.  100% easier, near perfect results.  I am pairing with a yuzu curd.  Sophie thought the curd was too runny yesterday, after an overnight in the fridge it's better. Yuzu juice is hella expensive, but, boy, it is delicious !  I also added more matcha powder to this batch because she complained that the flavor was too subtle.  Ian just said, "They're great."  I wish my supertaster was here to help.  There is a batch of black sesame ice cream pending.

The government shut down has effectively shut down my Crossfit classes since they take place on the NIH campus.  Unfortunate with all these cookies lying around.  We are going to meet this afternoon in a local park.  I don't think Coach Steve will drag all the barbells out so I will be saved from Olympic weightlifting this session. 

Matcha macaron 2.0  

Matcha macaron 2.0


Hot, hot, hot.

The pack relies on the wolf. The wolf relies on the pack.