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Don't Fall on Me.

Our poor old (17 years!) waffle maker is on its last legs.  We broke it out for some gingerbread waffles this past weekend.  It was a wedding present from Ian's high school buddy Rob, and it will be sad when we have to replace it.  So many of our family's memories revolve around food.  Stay tuned for our Thanksgiving post because it promises to be an epic year with potentially 14 at the table.   

Sophie had her first date last night for the homecoming dance.  She and Ben enjoyed some classic cheese fondue and brownies with mint chocolate chip ice cream before we dropped them off at the school.  As we pulled into the parking lot a huge "party bus" complete with neon lights was arriving.  "My mind is blown," per Ben.  They had a good time even though "the music was really loud."  If Sophie allows it I will post a picture of them.

While they were dancing the night away we enjoyed cocktails and paella by the fire pit with our back yard neighbors.  This cocktail has also made the Thanksgiving cut--I just need to buy some more dark rum. 


Sophie did approve the photograph of herself in the Halloween costume we created yesterday.  Huge props for iron-on lace.  She is Nyu from "Elfen Lied" an anime show that "is not kid-friendly."  We started listening to the podcast "Welcome to Nightvale."  I know we are late-adopters, but if you are less cool than we are and haven't listened yet you should.  Still no Halloween candy in the house, but we have the best carved pumpkin ever...you will have to tune in Friday to see the picture.

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