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Call Your Midwife!

In honor of midwifery week I baked a ginormous Texas sheet cake.  I will bring it to the faculty meeting tomorrow where I am hoping people will fall on it like crazed hyenas.  It's been a great midwifery week for me personally: I saw one of my favorite patients for her 6 week postpartum visit, I successfully predicted somebody would go into labor before her induction date, and I met a new patient who really needed a midwife.  So there will be cake.  Please see this wonderful campaign sponsored by our professional organization: "Our Moment of Truth."  Every woman deserves a midwife in her life.


In addition to the sheet cake, I made yogurt, 2 loaves of bread, the parsnip pepper biscuits from Smoke and Pickles, and tteokboki.  My lunch was a sliced tomato from the garden, sautéed greens and some of the aforementioned bread with a little cream cheese and the cilantro fried green tomato relish from Smoke and Pickles.  I gleaned a bunch of unripe grape tomatoes from a neighbor (she said it was OK) and used them because my tomatoes miraculously ripened.  I really like this spread--it's got a lot of flavors going on with the fennel/coriander/cilantro.  I may mix some with some roasted potatoes later this week.   

Sophie heads to NYC early Friday morning for her cross-country meet--apparently they will have some free time to explore Manhattan.  She has already mapped out the closest Momofuku Milk Bar to satisfy her cereal milk ice cream jones.  I turned the heat on for the first time today, looks like winter is coming after all.

Just like ajumma used to make.

Just like ajumma used to make.

A Tale of Two Tuiles

Hot, hot, hot.