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Turn, turn, turn.

I grudgingly took down the Halloween decorations and threw away the world's most spectacular pumpkin last week.  Winter track time trials are Friday, and we are looking forward to Maddy's visit this weekend for the Color Run.  It's almost persimmon harvest time, and I realized I still have two jars of persimmon butter from last year.  I will have to research the safety issues of year-old preserves.  I promised Sophie some homemade pop-tarts, and I wonder if baking the persimmon butter would be prudent.

Ian and I went to the Hawaii vs. Navy football game in Annapolis on Saturday.  Despite the drunken 20-somethings behind us, it was a good game.  Hawaii remains winless, but it wasn't a total shellacking.  I just bought this jacket yesterday, and was wishing for it in the football stands.   I got last year's color "Spanish moss" which coincidentally matches my scooter almost exactly.

Sophie had a sleepover and a movie date this weekend, and we got a taste of what it will be like to be empty nesters in the not too distant future.  She made the cookies pictured below after finding the recipe on Foodgawker.  She was the only one of her lunch bunch that remembered they were supposed to bring food in on Friday.  Maddy turned 22 on Saturday, and we bought her a sewing machine for her birthday.  After witnessing the shenanigans of her contemporaries at the football game, we realized just how lucky we are. 

Despite Sophie's request for a "clear soup" we are having butternut squash soup for dinner.  I am making (hopefully) some crème fraiche, and maybe it will go into the soup if it thickens up by this evening.   

We bought the cutest felt figure in Philly last week, and you will shriek with the impossible cuteness of our holiday tablescape, so stay tuned. 


The fraiche creme of Bethesda.

It's not that kind of Tea Party.