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The fraiche creme of Bethesda.

I had a quart of heavy cream, not ultrapasteurized, languishing in the fridge that was fast approaching the expiration date.  I used Lynne Rosetto Kasper's "recipe" to turn it into a quart of crème fraiche, substituting some homemade yogurt for the buttermilk.  Now I have a quart of crème fraiche that I still need to figure out how to use, but at least it bought me two more weeks.


Food 52 to the rescue with a dessert recipe that is perfect for fall...caramel rice pudding with brown butter.   Please note that there is < 1/2 cup of sugar in the whole recipe.  I think I would increase next go round.  I successfully substituted jasmine rice (one cup) + medium grain rice (1/2 cup).  I bruleed some pear slices on top to amp up the sweetness a bit.  It could also use a little spice, so maybe some cloves/allspice/cinnamon if you want to go that route, or even some pumpkin puree into the mix for Thanksgiving.

brown butter.jpg

If only I would apply myself.

Turn, turn, turn.