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If only I would apply myself.

I got a package from my parents today that included, in addition to my grandmother's rolling pin, a deficiency report from my 8th grade science teacher.  It reads, "Ginny is doing well academically but lately she has had very poor citizenship.  She is constantly talking and disturbing fellow students and teacher.  I consider these poor study habits."  I also reviewed some of my old report cards and there were a lot more B's than I remember.  In contrast, Sophie brought home straight "A's" today, and Maddy's paper is getting published.  I must have been a late bloomer.


Sophie is currently doing homework and enjoying hot chocolate and homemade pop tart.  I used the Smitten Kitchen recipe, but instead of forming individual tarts I made a massive tart that I cut up after I baked it.  Drizzled with a little heavy cream/powdered sugar icing, she didn't even complain that they weren't Nutella filled.

I went to the Great Wall Asian grocery today and treated myself to a bun filled with pork floss.  I prefer that to the alternative term "meat wool."  It's a little like savory cotton candy.  I bought some beef short ribs for $3.99/ lb which seems like a steal to me, and I know where I will buy pork bones the next time I want to make ramen broth--they have a bandsaw and will cut them up for you.  If I had been hungrier I would have hit up the buffet they had in the food court--the food was fresh and for $4.95 I could have lunch, then dinner, then lunch the next day with the amount I saw piled on the plates.

Italian wedding soup for dinner tonight using this recipe--I modified by using ground pork for the meatballs and adding some cooked orzo to the finished soup.  It's perfect for our newly frigid weather.  If my parka doesn't come in the mail there won't be any more scooter riding this week.


In a stew.

The fraiche creme of Bethesda.