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We are trying something new this year with some of our persimmons.  If you harvest hachiya persimmons when they are still firm like an apple, peel all but a tiny square of skin from the bottom and hang them in a dry/sunny place you have hoshigaki.  Sophie used her Japanese translation app to determine this means, shockingly, "dried persimmon."  It is also a scary-looking anime character that Sophie also has a passing acquaintance with.


You then need to massage them gently every other day until they look like this.  Barring any mold issues, my research tells me they should be ready around Christmas.  Maddy, Michael, and I picked a laundry basket worth and hung them in the dining room out of reach of the cat and dog.  I am letting some of the others ripen on the tree for persimmon bread, but I am tempted to dry some more on the TV room curtain rod.  Unfortunately, I won't have willing 20-somethings to help me peel them.


Poor Michael, the last time we saw him we made him hike Old Rag with us.  This time we made him harvest persimmons and do his first 5K at the Baltimore Color Run.  My feet are still a little purple, but in the interest of my patients I thoroughly scrubbed my face before work on Monday.

Is there something on my face?

Is there something on my face?

A Belated Celebration

In a stew.