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A Belated Celebration

Here's a collection of photos and recipes from Maddy's birthday dinner last weekend.  A simple cocktail of Amaro (0.5-0.75 oz.) topped off with Prosecco:


Mixed potato gratin with crème fraiche and gruyere/gouda mix and roasted fennel and asparagus with toasted hazelnut bread crumbs:


The centerpiece was Marcela Hazan's milk-braised pork loin.  Delicious, but I wish we hadn't bred all the fat out of our pig population as it was just the tiniest bit dry.   We finished with Momofuku's Grapefruit Pie which will reappear at Thanksgiving.  We also discovered the endless possibilities of Snapchat  (none of which involved nudity). 

I went to Costco today and spent a lot of money--25% of the bill was the 10+ lb. prime rib that is currently dry-aging in my refrigerator.  I also decided to use paper plates for Thanksgiving, rationalizing that I do not own 12 place settings. Don't judge me.

I have been dutifully massaging the persimmons every day.  Still no signs of mold, and they are definitely shriveling up nicely.  I want to box some up for Sophie's Japanese teacher if they are ready in time for Christmas.


Happy Vegetable Story