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Thanksgiving 2013

I think I may have had the perfect Thanksgiving line up this year:

Glazed spiral-cut ham

Prime rib with mustard/shallot/creme fraiche

Sweet potato with meringue topping: repeat performance, another keeper.

Stuffing (bacon, celery, onions, sage, salt, pepper, eggs)

Mashed potatoes (1 tub mascarpone, two sticks butter, 2% milk)

Roasted brussels sprouts (olive oil, salt, pepper) top with crushed hazelnuts/toasted bread crumbs/shallot brown butter crumbs

Miso creamed kale: stupendous, do not wait until next Thanksgiving to try this.

Turnip gratin: use mandolin/food processor to slice your turnips and layer with creme fraiche/gruyere/a dusting of nutmeg/salt/pepper: surprise hit.  People thought they were potatoes.

Cranberry jelly: open can, put in bowl.

I was going to make rolls, but then I realized I had no yeast.  People would have run over a basket of kittens for a parking spot at my grocery store on Thanksgiving eve so we made do.  Ian forgot to take pictures until dessert.

No, that's a chocolate crust.

No, that's a chocolate crust.

I made the pies ahead of time, including the grapefruit pie from Milk Bar.  That is the best crust, and you can't make me do a graham cracker crust ever again.  The brûléed pumpkin pie was good, but that chocolate crust was nothing special.  My mother in law made her apple pie on Saturday since they flew in from Hawaii on Thursday.  Her pie crust is always better, and there is never any cursing.  The girls and I ran the local 10K Turkey Chase (I beat both of them).  It was so cold my hands and feet didn't warm up until about mile 3.  Sophie is already asking if we can run it again next year.  This is the same person that couldn't run 2 miles last Thanksgiving.

We picked the rest of the persimmons and cleaned up the yard this weekend.  It's a good thing I wasn't counting on my garden to produce the brussels sprouts because they are about the size of peas at this point.  That may be due to the fact that they have been ignored since before Halloween. The persimmon puree is frozen, ready to be turned into persimmon baked goods.  I didn't have the stamina to make persimmon butter this year especially since I just threw out two jars from last year.  Maybe if the zombie apocalypse was nigh I would have saved them, but there's no excuse for poisoning my family currently.  We decorated the tree except for the nice, fragile ornaments.  See the last picture in this post for our rationale.  

I strict-pressed 70# 5 sets of 5 reps and did 133 pushups and 300 air squats in Crossfit today.  Since I haven't had a pie-free day since Wednesday that is a very good thing.

Grapefruit pie for the win!

Grapefruit pie for the win!

Live animal tree topper.

Live animal tree topper.

Flaking and baking.

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