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Only twelve shopping days left people!

I knew the minute I saw this post on Orangette that I had to have that soup.  I modified it by adding ham and accidentally cooking the cabbage for 3 hours.  It was still delicious.  The cookies, as predicted, are nearly gone.  I will make the snowballs again, this time with cashews.  I did make 4 dozen kolaches with this recipe from the Homesick Texan, using commercially prepared pumpkin butter in place of the dried fruit. Ian said they reminded him of mocha buns, and I informed him he was mistaken.  He brought some in to a work breakfast, Sophie and friends ate some, and I pawned the rest off on the non-Paleo Crossfit people.  


The first two days of the week were snow days for Sophie, and she finally got to make a snowman.  I got to go to work anyway.  

No joy for the essential personnel.

No joy for the essential personnel.

We have Ian's work holiday party tonight.  My toenails are freshly painted, and I am agonizing over which dress to wear.  I spent the morning working on a dessert for our friend's dinner party tomorrow.   It involved a pound of butter, a pound of bittersweet chocolate, and 19 eggs.  You may marvel at it in an upcoming post.

Frosty on the inside.

Flaking and baking.