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Frosty on the inside.

Sigh.  Temps in the mid sixties forecast for the weekend.  Sophie's last day of school before winter break, and she decided to bring in cupcakes.  She also belated told me that her biology class "decided to have a party."  I killed two birds with one stone by having her use the Costco box of pizzelle and some Nutella to make her treats.  We wrapped up some hoshigaki for her Japanese teacher.  She gave the package to the teacher but neglected to tell her the contents were edible.  I hope sensei doesn't have a dog.

Dreaming of, but likely not having, a white Xmas.

Dreaming of, but likely not having, a white Xmas.

Wednesday I went to Sophie's track meet and saw some interesting things.  Here they are in no particular order:

1. At least 70 heats of the 200 meter, and a puddle of vomit produced by one of the competitors.  Wimp.  It's only like 25 seconds worth of running.

2. Some guy running the mile wearing a newsie hat.

3. Malia Obama.

I wonder how nervous the Secret Service agent was every time the starter pistol went off.  Sophie had a big improvement in her time.  She and I agreed that she could have run faster.  She has to take the second lane and not get boxed in.  

Wishing for culinary tweezers.....

Wishing for culinary tweezers.....

There was much hilarity decorating the cupcakes--the black dragees kept rolling onto the floor (where they were eaten by Harris), we made a cyclops snowman and one with three eyes.  She is carrying them in the cupcake courier and, in contrast to middle school, is not embarrassed to be seen with two dozen cupcakes.

I brought the Vitamix to Crossfit today, and we had smoothies after doing this WOD:

1 handstand pushup

2 clean and jerks

3 box jumps

4 pistols

5 burpees

6 V-ups

7 kettle bell swings

8 pull-ups

9 sit ups

10 wall balls

11 ground to overhead

12 man makers

Remember how the "12 Days of Christmas" is sung?  Yeah--it usually doesn't take you nearly 40 minutes to sing it.  I had visions of sitting at home in my wet sports bra until somebody came home to help me remove it.  



The New Math

Only twelve shopping days left people!