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I am hesitant to complain, but I am done with 2013.  Can't it be April already?   Unless it's going to snow, then I could handle some winter wonderland.  We are planning a long weekend and Philly and spring break in NYC so it's not like I don't have something to look forward to.  I need to make some concrete resolutions, like, drink 64 oz. of water a day, back squat 130# by this summer, keep new car clean, get mammogram....don't hold me to those, I am just thinking out loud.


If one of your resolutions is to be the star of your next potluck brunch, bring this.  If your resolution is to eat healthier, lose weight, etc. ignore the first two pictures of this post, and don't buy a Presto Cool Daddy deep-fryer.  We successfully made delicious sweet potato fries, and some leaden doughnuts (a yeast issue) that we ate anyway.  I must admit that they were both remarkably less greasy than any previous attempts without a deep-fryer.  I think it has to do with the consistency of the oil temperature.

We had a wonderful holiday celebration that included cheese fondue, awesome surprise presents (cat tipi, kindle paperwhite, iPad mini and train set), dinner at Range and the aforementioned doughnuts. 


We will have a laid back NYE with Sophie off at a friend's for some sort of anime marathon and Ian and I having drinks and dessert with some friends.  Hangover-free is how I want to spend my New Year's Day--preferably doing something to counteract all the holiday calories. 

Cooper, AKA Bing, rocking a Christmas sweater.

Cooper, AKA Bing, rocking a Christmas sweater.

Lyra, trapped behind sofa, submits to portrait.

Lyra, trapped behind sofa, submits to portrait.

Straighten up and fry right.

Happy Holidays!