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Happy Holidays!

A belated Merry Christmas to all 4 of my blog followers!  It's 6:45 a.m. on the 26th and I I only have an hour and fifteen minutes until I am officially off call.  I spent 14 hours in the hospital yesterday stress-eating cookies while worrying about my labor patient.

We will celebrate on Saturday.  I already got my best gift: both kids at home for the holidays.  Just kidding, it's the new Camry Hybrid we bought last weekend!  Our first new car in almost 13 years.  OK, really it's the kids, but 42 mpg, people--it's a close call!

Maddy brought the kittens with her, and Harris greeted them with renewed exuberance.  While they were locked in the bathroom (fortunately!) when Sophie was showering, to quote Sophie, "there is a problem, somebody has diarrhea."  FYI, even kittens don't like baths.  Now known as "Shitsmas Eve Incident."


If you hurry, you can make this awesome cake for your New Year's Party.  Use this recipe and people won't care if your stump looks like a kindergartener threw it together--that malt buttercream is to die for.  Don't try to get away without the meringue mushrooms--they really make the cake, but you can skip the candied rosemary in my opinion.  If you have plastic woodland creature figurines I highly recommend they accompany your stump.

Just crying out for a tiny plastic squirrel.....

Just crying out for a tiny plastic squirrel.....


The New Math