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Will Run for Food

Miles and miles worth of pie.

Miles and miles worth of pie.

Hopefully this post won't come across as a self-indulgent humble brag. I wanted to get some of this stuff down before I forgot it all.  

1966: Ginny Lee born

1974: Nike waffle trainer born

1978: 95%ile on President's physical fitness test

1980-1984: lackluster high school running career.  When the going got tough, Ginny did not get going.

1986: attempt and fail to walk on to the William & Mary cross-country team.  Subsequently beat several members of the team in a local road race.

1987: discover biking.  Ride bike a lot.

1988: hit by car while biking from Richmond to Williamsburg.  Stitches in shin, mild concussion.

1989: NYC Marathon.  Decide the night before to do this race using a friend's bib.  Walk/run but finish. 4:20.

1991: Maddy Woodson born.  First run in baby jogger 4 weeks post c-section.  People flabbergasted by baby jogger.

1995: Maddy Woodson with record 18 mile baby jogger ride.  Honolulu Marathon finish after starting too fast in 3:40 (miss Boston qualifying time by <1 min)

1997: Honolulu Marathon 3:22, redemption!

1999: Sophie Lee born.  First run in baby jogger at 4 weeks old.

August 3, 2004: Hit by car while on training ride.  Grade 3 A-C separation, partial deltoid rupture, distal radius styloid fracture.  ORIF of wrist followed by two manipulations under anesthesia.  

October 2, 2004: run personal best at Helotes Half-Marathon, 1:24:46

October 31, 2004: first bike ride outdoors post-crash with Barb.

November 2004: sign up for Ironman Florida 2005

February 2005: DNF Freescale Marathon due to ITB injury

April 2005: personal best 5K 18:33

November 2005: Ironman Florida 11:07, 11th in AG; terrified at start listening to U2 "Beautiful Day", beatific at marathon turnaround listening to AC/DC "Shook Me All Night Long." marathon split 3:53

2006 Topeka Tinman 1st OA Female.  On the run section, a male competitor groaned as I passed him, "Ugh, I am getting passed by the women."  Knowing the men's heat had started 10 minutes prior to mine I replied, "Dude, I'm actually already 10 minutes ahead of you."

2010 Dallas White Rock Marathon. Personal best 3:19, 1st 40-44 year old females (I was 44 at the time.)

2013 12 mile trail run this morning.  Happy with a negative split.  Ate another piece of grapefruit cake to reward myself.  Hoping I can keep this up for years to come.  I have never finished a run and thought to myself, "Wow, I wish I hadn't done that."  The peaks and valleys of my running career have shaped the person I am today.  I see Sophie and Maddy at the very beginning of what I hope will be a life-long relationship with running and envy their youth and resilience.  My runs now have more to do with slowing the inexorable decline of my muscle mass and expansion of my waistline than with breaking the tape at the finish line.  

About that pie?  It's Momofuku Milk Bar's Candy Bar Pie.  Possibly the most delicious thing I have eaten this year.  The recipe is very involved and I will not print it here; you can find it in their cookbook.  Then you should go for a run.

I Could Pickle That

Like a juice cleanse but with less self loathing.