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The Cheese Tent, the cheese tent, the wonderful, wonderful cheese tent.

By this point we all know the "Snowquester" was a bust as far as snow production in the D.C. Metroplex.   Initially disappointed, now I am just ready for spring.  I am looking forward to more nights like this past Sunday--hamburgers on the grill and a backyard fire pit complete with s'mores.  Maddy is considering a camping trip with her friends this week.  Perhaps they will stay in the "cheese tent."  This is an old tent of Ian's that he couldn't bear to throw out when we cleaned the garage last spring.  It is not the "Swiss cheese tent" as in, full of holes.  Rather, it smells of cheese, and not in a good way.  Maybe it won't be as problematic in cooler temperatures. 


Sophie's foods and nutrition class made pancakes yesterday.  According to her they were "not so good."  She was quick to point out that she didn't help make them--it was her turn to be the dishwasher.  When she is interested in something her attention to detail can be nothing short of annoying.  For instance, the same person who "didn't notice" that the litter box needs cleaning will carefully arrange the shampoo bottles to conceal a dead stink bug on our shower's windowsill.  This person can also remember hundreds of Pokémon and their evolutions but "forget" that she was supposed to put the folded clothes in the laundry basket and take them upstairs.

I just finished listening to the Diane Rehm show which featured a doctor who advocates a 2 day fast every week.  Yesterday, when I didn't eat until 2 p.m. because L&D was busy probably doesn't count as fasting.  When you catch a baby that is coming too fast to put gloves on, you feel justified in eating those two pieces of pizza that the anesthesia attending thoughtfully provided for the department.   If you are ever admitted to the hospital, providing the staff with edibles is always a good idea.  I provided the edibles to our staff retreat dinner last week--carrot bao from Dirt Candy, khao soi from this month's issue of Bon Appetit and pajeon (a Korean crepe).  We had Momofuku Milk Bar's Candy Bar PIe and Kentucky Bourbon Cake from my new cookbook "Vintage Cakes."  A good time was had by all, and a lot of wine was had at least by me.  You really should make that khao soi.  It is not too spicy and you can make up the paste ahead of time and store in the fridge.  You will need more salt that the recipe calls for in my opinion.


Due to the vociferous recommendations of my colleagues, and because the first season is now available on Netflix, we are watching "Call the Midwife."  I did have to suspend a bit of disbelief when that 30 weeker survived without any NICU support, but the interactions of the midwives and their patients is spot on.  Except that I haven't given an enema, ever.  I hope they continue to focus on this relationship and that the show doesn't devolve into a soap operatic melodrama.  Only time will tell.

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