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Mmmmmm, pie

A belated "pi day" post.  My first attempt at an all lard crust.  Very flaky but I think I prefer butter.  You can find the recipe for Sam Choy's Macadamia Nut Cream pie here.  It will remind you of pecan pie, however,  macadamia nuts make it infinitely better.  My mother in law brought these macadamia nuts to me directly from Hawaii, but you are allowed to use the one you can buy in any decent grocery store.  I made the whipped cream in the Vitamix which was so fast that I actually overwhipped.  I will remember that in the future and continue to use the Vitamix for the speed and ease of cleaning.

I have no business making pie or chocolate bundt cake with a coconut tunnel this week.  I should be on a juice fast in preparation for our trip to NYC.  My family is not of the same mindset.  They expect me to continue preparing meals right up to our departure.  Ian and Sophie picked out snacks for the bus trip to NY that include yogurt-covered pretzels, gummi watermelons and those raspberry/blackberry candies covered with nonpareils.  I think I will make them sit in a different row.  If I decide to do the juice cleanse you will be relieved to know the bus has a bathroom on board.  We promised Sophie Easter treats from Dylan's Candy Bar--that should take of care of the snacks for the bus trip home.  It will be Pom Diggity's first time at the new kennel while we are away.  I hope he doesn't have some sort of breakdown.  Makoa will be happy to have the house to herself.  Unless I get really motivated with laundry and packing this will be the last blog post until we get home.  Be ready for some really awesome pictures of the Big Apple.


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