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I Could Pickle That


I am feverishly preparing for the Snowquester--and by that I mean obsessively refreshing the Capital Weather Gang's Twitter feed, not washing my floors since people will be tracking snow in all day tomorrow and not running on the treadmill.  I ran outside listening to this playlist.  Our larder is full thanks to an unsupervised Costco trip by Ian and Sophie last weekend.  We will be able to provide all of our immediate neighbors with a week's supply of YooHoo, plastic forks and tissues.  We can supplement with my pickled red onions and kumquat marmalade so we don't get scurvy. 

I am looking forward to the snow and getting some sledding in on the cardboard boxes from Costco.  Since I am having a bunch of midwife friends over for dinner Friday I won't be sad when the snow melts in 24 hours.  I hope everybody likes Asian food.  If not, they can fill up on candy bar pie and wine.  We are supposed to take a group picture.  Ian can use his fancy new flash equipment, and we will probably post it on our Facebook page.  I will make sure to link it so everybody can "like" us.

Even though I am hoping to wake up to a huge blanket of snow tomorrow I know how time slips by, and before I know it I will be complaining about the heat and humidity. We got Sophie signed up for two weeks of camp this summer.  One week at a traditional YMCA camp and one week at a local culinary school (the theme of the week is "baking").  Maddy will spend the summer working at her lab in Charlottesville.  UVA offered her a slot in their electrical engineering PhD program to include full tuition package with a stipend.  We couldn't be prouder, and selfishly happy that she will remain close by.  We are trying to think of a graduation present worthy of her tremendous achievement.  


The Cheese Tent, the cheese tent, the wonderful, wonderful cheese tent.

Will Run for Food