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I have a hard time throwing food away.  Luckily my family has not suffered from any food-borne illness as a result of my thrift, and it was Maddy who gave me the idea to use leftover French fries for hash.  It is rare to find a "leftover French fry" in my house, but pictured above is a mixture of  sweet potato fries, scallion kimchi (from January?--kimchi doesn't go bad), and Swiss cheese with a fried egg.  I think I have already mentioned using whey from my weekly yogurt production instead of stock in my butternut squash soup--I won't make it any other way now.  It took me weeks to finally toss the Thai red peppers (packaged 1/25/13) that were wasting away because I won't ever cook enough Thai food to use 2 cups of them. 

We braved the crowds and went down to the Tidal Basin last night to see the peak bloom of the cherry blossoms.  They were magnificent.  Ian took at least 100 pictures.  Then I had my second meal of the week at GBD.  Beer pairings for doughnuts and fried chicken?  You are my kind of place.  Sophie said, "You should get a job here."  It was their opening night for dinner, and we left totally sated and ready to become regulars.  It is a good thing I did that 30 mile ride earlier in the day. 

I just made reservations to attend my 25th college reunion.  I plan to make sure I don't look like somebody who eats doughnuts and fried chicken on a regular basis.  I can't wait to show off Ian and Sophie, and Maddy if she wants to join us.  The last time she went to a William and Mary Homecoming she was in a baby carrier. 

Green tea macaron made with "aged" egg whites: nobody died

Green tea macaron made with "aged" egg whites: nobody died

Alpaca Time

The city that never sleeps