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I am hoping that these will be the last cupcakes coming out of my kitchen for awhile.  Sophie wants to bring them in for her birthday tomorrow.  The cupcakes pictured in this post are a representative sample of the 372 vegan mini-cupcakes I made for the D.C. Birth and Baby Fair.  Not pictured are the 3 dozen coconut lime cupcakes I made for the Cuatro De Mayo party we had.  We also set a tablecloth on fire at our party, and that was before I had even a sip of margarita.  

I made carnitas and carne asada for tacos, pico de gallo with mango and borracho beans.  Everybody had at least 2 tacos, and I still have literally pounds of meat left over.  I made ramen for dinner last night because I am officially tired of tacos.  Friday I have to host the Korean culture lunch at Sophie's school.  My Korean neighbor has agreed to make some mandu, and I think I will bring in kimchi even though I am pretty sure nobody will be willing to try it.  Ian is putting together a slide show of a bunch of our pictures from Korea, and I will bring in the miniature kimchi pot I currently use to store rubber bands.  Middle schoolers can be a tough crowd, and I hope I don't embarrass Sophie too badly.    

Sophie ran a 5K this past Sunday, and it was unseasonably cold (45F) at the start.  She never performs well in the cold, but as we watched her finish with a tremendous burst of speed I remembered why I love to race.  There is no better feeling than the finish line in sight, heavy legs buoyed by the huge bubble of joy in your chest.  We took her to see "Ironman 3" as a reward.  At 10:00 a.m. on Sunday we had the theater nearly to ourselves.  It was enjoyable movie although in my humble opinion, not worth the extra money to see in 3-D.  

Tonight I am going to see a dear friend who is visiting from Hawaii.  Fourteen years ago she was one of the first people to meet Sophie when we brought her home.  Her dog, Maka, once held my cat Makoa's head very gently in her mouth.   We will reminisce about the time in Savannah where Piki drank half of Ian's Guinness before he realized what was happening.  We will drink a toast to these dogs who have since crossed the Rainbow Bridge and to friendships that have traveled around the world and back.


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