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Nice Buns

If you have a little time on your hands and some basic ingredients you should never run to the grocery store to buy the hotdog or hamburger buns you forgot.   You should make these.  I started them at 3:00 last night, rode my bike to the grocery store--to buy hamburger, shaped them when I got home, mowed the lawn, baked them and had dinner on the table by 6:00.  Jennifer Reese says they don't make good hamburger buns, but she's just being humble.  They make terrific hamburger buns as you can see from the picture. 

My Cuatro de Mayo party is fast approaching, and I have 8 lb. of pork shoulder waiting to be turned into carnitas tonight.  Naturally there will be margaritas, and my secret recipe involves frozen limeade concentrate--it was given to me by a friend who is actually Mexican.  It makes me feel OK for not juicing a bunch of limes which is a total pain.  Anyway, it was $1.29/can and located directly below Bacardi "margarita mix" ($3.29/can).  Another opportunity to feel superior, the first two for riding my bike to the store and bringing my own bags.  We have a piñata that I am going to use for decoration (it will be filled and killed for Sophie's birthday the following weekend).  Pom Diggity is terrified of it so I hid it in the guest bedroom for now. 

The beans have sprouted in the garden, 5 days!  I planted 4 sesame plants down the way from the squash.  I remember them growing like weeds behind our pension in Sokcho, and I hope they don't take over.  We had our third salad from my lettuce crop with dinner last night.  So far nobody has accidently eaten a slug or anything traumatic.

I just signed up for my introductory Cross-Fit session on May 14th.  I lied and said that I had no Cross-Fit experience because my Cross-Fit experience involved one Cross-Fit workout and then not being able to move for 3 days.  I am in a rut fitness-wise and hope this will shake something loose.  I promise not to go Paleo on my poor family--they would miss my buns.

Nice buns.

Nice buns.

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