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Little Boxes

We finally got our act together and planted the garden this past weekend.  It is my first attempt at a "real garden."  I constructed two boxes--one 2'x4' and one 4'x4' and filled with Mel's Mix.  Thanks to our good friends Sunny and Elizabeth we have custom-built cages that I can set over the top of the beds to keep out the critters.

The smaller bed has a crook-neck summer squash.  In the larger bed are two each of tomato, eggplant and pepper (jalepeno/banana) plants.  I direct sowed some okra, bush beans, radish, beets and Swiss chard.  We'll see what comes up.  Maybe just weeds, but since I have no idea what an okra sprout looks like that might be initially rewarding as well.  

The new garden

The new garden

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