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They were all hungry like an hour later....

A belated look at Sophie's birthday cupcakes.  She reluctantly brought two dozen of them to school to share with her friends.  I say reluctantly because not 5 minutes after I left the house that morning I got a text that said, "I am worried that the pan won't fit in my locker."  She was also concerned that "I don't know two dozen people to give them to."


Age and experience have taught me that if you bring a panful of sweets to a group of middle schoolers it won't last long.  She said, "they even ate the unfrosted ones."  Those were the sacrificial cupcakes I poked skewers into to hold the plastic wrap away from the awesome ones.  Some of the kids asked her if that was real broccoli.  It was green Tootsie Rolls with blobs of green frosting dipped in green nonpareils for what it's worth.  We later discovered that Jelly Belly actually makes a product they call "peas and carrots".   

She had a bunch of girls over for a party at the house where the rain let up long enough to crack the creepy unicorn piƱata.  They enjoyed watching "Premium Rush," and I overhead them saying, "Queen (of Freddy Mercury fame) has the best lyrics."  Older and wiser!


Carrot Cake for the Win!