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David Bowie, were you surprised to be the singer behind everybody's graduation anthem in the 80's?  I remember that, but not my graduation speaker. 

Those leis made her extra easy to spot!

Those leis made her extra easy to spot!

Since it never actually rained on the day of the ceremony I can be happy for the overcast skies that prevented us from sweltering as we awaited the procession of our graduate.  Ian got these outstanding pictures with a zoom lens worthy of an African safari.  My in-laws sent these leis from Oahu--it is a Hawaiian tradition to pile them up, typically high enough to obscure the recipient's face.  Maddy lost a bet to Ian that nobody else would have leis---the loser has to run with an "ajumma visor" for the next month.  She certainly had the most flowers and the only haku (head) lei.


After the final's ceremony we reconvened for the Biomedical Engineering diploma ceremony that involved more picture taking, facial cramping from the permanent smiles, and a box lunch.  Surprisingly nobody cried, maybe because we know she will be close by for the next few years while attending graduate school but probably because our nest is not quite empty yet.

Two little birds....

Two little birds....

They were all hungry like an hour later....

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