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Carrot Cake for the Win!


Carefully constructed at home, transported to Charlottesville nestled in a cooler, this was Maddy's "favorite carrot cake ever."  Layers of carrot cake, liquid cheesecake (think underbaked cheesecake), and graham frosting, topped with a white chocolate crumb.  Worth the effort?  For me, yes, if only to meet the expectations of my kids.  The best carrot cake ever?  Possibly.  I still have the trimmings sitting in the fridge, and I haven't thought about them all week.  That would not have been the case for the grapefruit pie.  That was awesome.  Especially the Ritz crust--definitely will replace graham for most of my future pie creations.  By the way, Tosi has you underbaking the cheesecake in a plastic wrap lined pan....I didn't line my pan with plastic because the thought of putting plastic in the oven just didn't sound right especially after the cutting board incident.  That time when the cookie sheet melded to the cutting board on the counter and I unknowingly put the cookie sheet with attached cutting board  into the oven where it melted like pizza cheese.  The cheesecake comes right out of the pan as long as you don't overbake.


Sometimes it's easy being green

They were all hungry like an hour later....