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Time to Make the Cronuts

Thank you to Karen at Off the (Meat) Hook for her inspirational post which I have shamelessly copied.  The world needs to know how simple it is to make a passable cronut assuming you live in the vicinity of a Trader Joes.


You will need to be prepared to let your croissants proof overnight, and I highly recommend using a thermometer to confirm that your frying oil is neither too hot nor too cool.  Sophie's food and nutrition class found out the hard way that frying dough in smoking hot oil will result in a charred exterior and uncooked interior. 


Make sure you leave enough space between your croissants as they puff up remarkably.  I used the non-business end of a large pastry tip to cut out the holes.  The glaze was a mixture of orange juice/zest and confectioner's sugar.  Sophie recommends that you not eat three in one sitting.  I have another two boxes of Trader Joe's mini croissants in my freezer awaiting their transformation into the latest pastry craze. 


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