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This Land is My Land

If you look closely you will see me in the very center of this photo watching Sophie swimming.  Fourteen and half years ago she was floating about in utero off this same beach.  We took my midwife and her husband to dinner at OCC after Sophie was born, and there exists a picture of the five of us somewhere giddy over this baby with the sunset in the background.  

After my run today I dove into the water to cool off, then ate way too many french fries and drank a mint chocolate chip shake from the snack bar.  Observing the slurry of chocolate chips at the bottom of my cup, Sophie exhorted me to get a spoon and stated that the blender must not have been on the correct setting.  I declined--saving myself for dinner with my best friend and her husband tonight.

Last night Ian and his dad taught Sophie to shoot pool correctly.  She beat Ian on their first game.  If we can find some under 21 pool halls she may be able to contribute to her college fund.  She also asked if we could go hiking on Maunawili Falls trail again.  "I don't really like hiking but that was a good trail, and I am not going to jump off the top--I learned my lesson last time."


Dude. Sweet.

We're Almost on Hawaii Time