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Kaneohe Bay Cabins

In the picture below, Sophie and I are blocking the view of the large cabin that I am pretty sure Obama uses when he vacations on Oahu.  We stayed in a smaller, but equally charming cabin.  I wonder if the Secret Service takes care of the centipedes for Michelle when she finds them under a damp beach towel in the morning.  It took Ian no less than 10 whacks with a flip flop to dispense with the one in our bathroom.  We stayed at one of these cabins on our return home from Guam in 1977.  My sister and I were so excited to get to a grocery store that had real milk and disappointed that Cookie Crisp Cereal was not anything like the tiny chocolate chip cookies we had seen on the commercial. 

Pyramid Rock Beach at sunrise

Pyramid Rock Beach at sunrise

I wonder if we had video of those body surfing sessions from 35 years ago if you would hear my dad cackling in the background when we wiped out.

And it was all yellow

Somewhere Under the Rainbow