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It's not the heat, it's the humidity.

 I have been neglecting the blog.  After returning from vacation, the labor and delivery gods were not kind, and I paid the price for two weeks in paradise.  Washington, D.C. and environs are the same swampy, sweaty piece of land I remember from my youth, and all I want to do is sit in the basement with an iced tea binge-watching "Orange is the New Black."

We are going camping this weekend--next to a river with an air-conditioned camper, and I will make this eggplant dish for the third time in a week.  It's from the current issue of Bon Appetit.  They call it "coal-roasted eggplants", but I just grilled the daylights out of mine on the gas grill earlier this week.  On the camping trip I am going to put them right on the coals, unless I decide to make them ahead of time.  After you roast them to the point where the skins are blackened and the flesh is collapsing you cool on a wire rack until you can remove the skins.  Then I put mine in a colander to drain until completely cool.  I mashed it with a little za'atar/salt/olive oil/lemon juice and smoked paprika and served on top of yogurt mixed with a little sumac and garlic (also from the Bon Appetit) .  Serve with bread or Stacy's pita chips.  I am also making Spam musubi for the trip.  Maddy had better come.

Sophie has her baking class at L'Acadamie de Cuisine this week.  They made soufflé, ginger cookies and brownie pie yesterday.  Today it's calzone, sticky buns and sweet potato rolls.  Despite a disclaimer stating for "health reasons" the food could not leave the school there is a plate of cookies on my counter right now.  I hope nobody in our family becomes "patient zero."   Sophie is happy because they don't have to do the dishes after they cook.  I am happy because we don't have to turn on   my oven.

We are thinking of heading here for Spring Break next year.  I have reservations pending approval for time off at work, and Ian says he is game as long as he can bring his stand-up paddle board.  It's supposed to come in the mail tomorrow, and I hope we can put in at Riley's Lock after work.  Then I won't have to ride my bike to Crossfit in the "feels like 101F."  

DSC_2831 small.jpg

But it's "lite."

And it was all yellow