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Grilled Peach and Strawberry Pavlova

We just dropped Sophie off at YMCA camp for the last week of freedom before high school starts next week.  I went to this same camp more than 30 years ago, and seeing it today was stunningly nostalgic.  The dining room looked exactly the same.  She will be enjoying wakeboarding and the absence of nagging parents.  We will be enjoying hamburgers and lamb, both of which she despises.

I made meringues last week because she had been begging me for them.  I used all the yolks to make pasta dough.  The peaches were marinated in a bit of orange juice, honey and chopped tarragon for several hours, then grilled.  The strawberries you see in the picture were macerated with a little sugar and chocolate balsamic vinegar.  We had to use them in addition to  the peaches the second night we had pavlova because we had eaten almost all the peaches the previous night.


The meringues got progressively stickier, and by the third night of pavlova they were impossible to cut with even a serrated knife.  We had to pick them up and gnaw them.  Still delicious, but best eaten only in the presence of immediate family.   

We went to the NOMA brew fest yesterday--crowded, but mercifully not too hot.  It has rekindled, albeit a small flame, the desire to home-brew.  It has been >13 years since our last batch, but surely home-brewing can only have become easier with the intervening decade of innovation and internet growth.  Right?  Ian has become enamored of a particular craft brew that is $15 per six-pack.  I wonder how many batches before we break even.  I will get Maddy on that math straight away.


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