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Triumphant Waffle Return.

We had the best weather last weekend.  Highs in the low 80's, no humidity, unheard of for D.C. in August.   We started the day off right with Honey Amaranth Waffles from "Good to the Grain."  You can find the recipe here .  Sophie's good friend Emi brought us a bowl of figs from her tree.  Perfectly ripe, they were a winning combination with the yogurt and honey.  We did some paddling from Riley's Lock on Saturday.  By far the best paddle was Sunday.  More about that later.  Sunday morning was spent shopping with Sophie and Emi for school supplies and hoodies.  We had lunch at Ren's where we introduced Emi to "real ramen."  She was appropriately impressed, and the girls both finished their bowls with ease.  Then they had leftover waffles with Nutella when we got home not 20 minutes later.  How do large families afford to feed their teenagers?


Ian, Harris and I headed to the river after lunch.  We paddled from Fletcher's Cove to Key Bridge.  It was like spring break on the river with crowds of power boats/kayakers/SUPs.  The people watching alone was worth the trip--especially the co-ed in full hair and makeup with wedge-heeled sneakers "paddling" a tandem kayak.  Harris alternated riding the kayak with me and the SUP with Ian.  We decided that if I die, Ian would just have to take Harris out paddling--he is a total chick magnet.  We also saw Yacht Moksha,  you can charter for a cool $1000/hour.  I wonder if they could use a cook/medical officer?  

When we got home, the girls were sitting in a darkened basement playing video games and eating cereal.  If it weren't for the vitamin D fortified milk this Generation Z would bring back rickets.  Thank goodness my digital native also fervently loved YMCA camp and is already planning her return next summer.


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