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Rice Bowls

I bought Edward Lee's cookbook, "Smoke & Pickles" for Maddy's graduation present, and then bought one for myself.  This was the first time I cooked from it--inspired by my recent addiction to "The Mind of a Chef."   I didn't have beets or sorghum and forged ahead.  Delicious.  Subbed home-grown sesame leaves for the cilantro and added fresh, raw corn off the cob.  Also skipped the horseradish in the remoulade.  It reminded me a lot of bi bim bap--rice with tasty toppings and sauce.  Will proceed with more recipes including a ginger whiskey cake.

I made enough pork patties for left-overs which we will have Monday night since I have a 12 hour shift on Sophie's first day of school.  Boo.  I made the corn cookies from Momofuku Milk Bar for her lunch box so I am not the worst parent of the freshman class.  Equipped with her accordion folders, mechanical pencils and planner she will walk down the street through the gateway to adulthood. Somebody pinch me.  Before I know it Ian and I will be travelling the country in one of these.


Triumphant Waffle Return.

Ham Ends=Good, Summer ends=Sad