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Fast Times at Walt Whitman High

This picture is blurry because I had to move fast to take the one picture I was allotted on her first day of high school.  She has survived the week.  Currently she and 4 of her girlfriends are in the basement watching "Children of the Corn" and eating everything they can get their hands on.  Earlier this week we went to "athletics night" where the athletic director admonished us not to bother the coaching staff.  I was very impressed with her XC coach who has a passion for running and a no-nonsense attitude.  He said something to this effect, "I tell them you don't train so it won't hurt, you train so you can deal with the pain."  Growing up in the 80's track and field/cross-country was the "drip cup" of high school athletics--the football team garnered most of the attention and support.  It is refreshing to see that this coach recognizes that running is THE hardest sport and expects commitment and hard work from his team.

Grudging first day of school photo.

Grudging first day of school photo.

I had plenty of time for cooking this week and made sesame leaf kimchi, pad thai, som tam, Indian food, bread, yogurt, chocolate pudding, Momofuku Milk Bar's grapefruit pie, chicken salad and roti buns.  The sesame leaf kimchi is pictured below.  It is probably an acquired taste for most.  I have a glut of sesame leaves so it made sense for me.  If you are interested you can find this recipe and many others on maangchi.com.  I ordered a cavatelli maker because I saw David Chang using one on "The Mind of a Chef."  It looked like a lot of fun, and it was only $35.  I bought some berry drinking vinegar from Hmart and will attempt to make a shrub cocktail this weekend.   We have been watching "Master Chef" on hulu--home cooks competing to win $250,000.  Ridiculous with too much drama, but we are hooked.  

Maddy sent me this platter for my birthday.  It's my new favorite plate, complete with dragon.  Maybe I will use it to serve Spam musubi at the party next weekend.  I had a dream that I invited people over and there was nothing  to eat.  It was terrible.  I think I pulled together a raw corn and tomato salad.  I am happy that all the food for next weekend will be of the "do-ahead" variety.  Sophie's first XC meet is that morning, and I don't want to be stuck at home in the kitchen.  

Hope everyone has a great weekend BBQing and putting away those white shoes.  Since I am on 24 hour call this coming holiday Monday, I am hoping it is "Labor Day" in name only.

Blurry photo due to shaky arms after too many clean and jerks.

Blurry photo due to shaky arms after too many clean and jerks.

You must bring us a shrubbery!

Triumphant Waffle Return.