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Home Alone

I am envious of Ian and Sophie who are living off the grid on Assateague Island this week.  Ponies in the campsite, doughnuts for lunch, and beachfront property.I am stuck in Bethesda, eating ice cream out of the carton.  My dinner on night two was a tremendous improvement, see photo below.  I used this recipe, omitting the feta cheese.  I could eat this polenta for every meal.  Today I am making popcorn chocolate chip cookies which I will bring to my coding class tomorrow.  It's not a "code blue" class, it's medical billing and coding.  These cookies will make me a hero even though I cheated and used a bag of Orville Redenbacher's kettle corn.  I hope they will be stimulating enough to keep us awake.

Maddy and Rob got kittens, and their names are Dale Cooper and Lyra.  Dale reminds me of Makoa with his chicken-stealing ways.  Sophie cannot wait to go see them.  The summer is slipping away, and hopefully we can get down there before school starts. I finished watching "Orange is the New Black" and segued right into season 5 of "Breaking Bad" which is waaaaay darker than the previous season.  We finally went to see WWZ on Friday, right before they took the generator camping, leaving me alone and unprepared for any post-apocalyptic scenario.   At least there will be cookies. 


Done and done.

Doing that crazy hand pie.