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Cover to Cover Challenge 2013

The guys over at The Bitten Word (a blog that focuses in part on cooking recipes from various periodicals) repeated their cover to cover challenge this year.   I was assigned the Clam and Bacon Pizza.  They will have a write-up forthcoming, so if you are wondering which dishes to make from the September issue of Bon Appetit you can preview them all.


I spread the preparation out over a couple of days--cooking the clams and prepping the sauce on day one, and making the actual pizza on day two.  Don't bother to peel your garlic, simply separate the heads into individual cloves.  After the simmering and cooling down period, the skins slip off easily.  The sauce was phenomenal, and I will make that again.  I am not sure about clams on a pizza, they get a little tough in my humble opinion. It also violates the "no cheese with seafood" rule.    We used the grill to avoid turning the oven up to 500F on one of the hotter days of the year.  A great date night dinner while our socialite was at a pool party.


Pizza redux.

You must bring us a shrubbery!