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Hello, goodbye.

Sorry for the radio silence.  After my loooong call weekend waiting for a darling baby boy, I flew home to Florida to say goodbye to my maternal grandmother.   A good death, earned by 93 years on this Earth, painless and peaceful, surrounded by family.  Before she was crippled by macular degeneration, she was a consummate seamstress and knitter.  I have fond memories of hand-smocked Easter dresses and hand-knit Aryan sweaters, their whereabouts today shamefully unknown.  In her tidy apartment, I found this beautiful apron along with countless pictures of me sporting some truly unfortunate hairstyles.  I hope the afterlife is good to Granny, and when she regains her sight, she can look down and see how her death brought our family closer together. 

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The pack relies on the wolf. The wolf relies on the pack.

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